Just A Few Scraps of Stained Glass …

You just never know where a few scraps of stained glass will lead to…Blue and Orange stained glass abstract, Helen Bushell, summerhouseart.com

I’m one of those people who never throws much out. As artists, we can see potential in old chipped dishes, old furniture, old scraps of paper and magazines, and even old scraps of stained glass. Back in 2010, I’d been given lots of small stained glass scraps by someone who was cleaning out “junk”. Well, as it’s often said, one persons junk is another persons treasure. My friends know me well, and later that year, I got a couple of boxes of stained glass scraps for my birthday and I did make some mosaics with these scraps.

Abstract glass mosaic, Helen Bushell, summerhouseart.com

And then, everything sort of sat around for a bit. But I did happen to have an old illuminated sign box that I use as light table. Now the thing about colored glass, what really excites me, is what happens to all that color when light shines through it.

So a few years ago I started to have some fun applying shards of glass to glass, first old windows then those glass frames you used to be able to find where you have to sandwich the picture between two sheets of very thin glass. Now, I wasn’t interested in creating the usual stained glass where you surround the piece with leading, because what really interested me was the layering of color in the light. And I got a bit frustrated gluing glass on glass until either Will or my son Dave, walked by and said, “Well, why don’t you just glue glass to both sides of the glass?” Well, duh. And that is how I got onto gluing glass on both sides of the glass.

Also, I wasn’t interested in creating pictures with glass. What I played with was just using the scraps as they were and creating abstracts with them. Which turned out, at least to me, rather well. I loved the look and the windows have been sitting on windowsills in the house ever since I made them. Here’s another view of the glass piece at the top of the post.

Abstract Glass in Window, Helen Bushell, summerhouseart.com

Now the beauty of having a mind that’s open to possibilities is that you never know where you will end up next.

I’ve always wanted to do more with those compositions, and I looked at light boxes and all sorts of things for a while and then just sort of forgot about it all. Then a few weeks ago I was looking at prints, and print files and looking around for what I could convert into prints. And in one of those ah hah moments my eye lit on the stained glass comps in the windows of the kitchen. So, together with Will, who is more of a master of photoshop than I, I played around with it and found that the glass transformed really well into abstract compositions on paper. Which we immediately ran through our new printer and loved the result.

We do have some print on demand shops, one being our shop on Society6. So today, I’m happy to show the first of these new Stained Glass Prints,

composition-in-blue-and-orange131768-framed-prints Society6

already converted into a few fun home decor products, one a pillow, and much more to come yet. Just click on the pics to go to Society 6.

stained glass society6-pillow by summerhouseart.com

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The Happy Vintage Radio Robot Collage

When birthdays roll around, we’ll sometimes go all out, gather up the glue sticks, scissors, lots of old magazines and go mad with collage and create original birthday cards. This May, our grandson’s birthday called for something just a bit special, like maybe a something bigger than a card. And, being creative grandparents, we spent a whole day having fun, cutting out and sticking down bits and pieces and created a poster of a Robot! And not just any old robot either. This guy is not just a collage, he’s an assemblage of all sorts of parts!

Radio Robot Collage by summerhouseart.com

He’s got Vintage radios for head and torso. He’s got a moped headlight on his shoulder, candle sticks for antennae, watch parts and even an old flashlight for hands. He’s got a car grill and Bar-B-Q for torso parts. He’s got swirly eyes and lightning bolts. He’s got car wheels to roll around on and at the very top of his head flashes a light bulb, for when he’s having great ideas.

And when we were all done, and just before we’d sent him off, by special post, folded very carefully into a big brown envelope, we scanned him and saved a file just for us. And we played around creating new versions of him.

And then it occurred to us that he was so much fun that we should share him with everybody. And so here he is, Mr. Radio Robot, now available on Society 6 as a print or a beach towel.

Radio Robot Beach towel on Society 6 by summerhouseart

And on RedBubble as a lovely poster that anyone can share and decorate their kid’s rooms too. We created lots of versions on other products too.

Radio robot poster on Red Bubble by Summerhouseart

Our grandson doesn’t mind. He’s got the original. And best of all, he liked it so much he wants to make one himself! Can’t ask for more than that.


A Whole New Look at a Couple of Our Mosaics

Will and I have been wondering how our Pique Assiette mosaics might look on entirely new Products, like prints for instance.  We weren’t sure how mosaic would translate into print.  Recently I posted about a table top/ wall piece by Will called Blue Fandango.

Blue Fandango Mosaic, Will Bushell, summerhouseart.com

Since we have a shop on Society6, we chose them to do our first experiment.  They do such a great job of printing on all types of products from Prints to Shower curtains.  It’s all Print on Demand so only printed when ordered.  Just click on the pic to take you to our shop on Society 6. And I have to say we were quite pleased with how Blue Fandango looked as a print…

Blue fandango art print Society 6 by Will Bushell, summerhouseart.com

So, we thought why not a Blue Fandango Pillow?

Blue Fandango Pillow Society6 summerhouseart.com

And then how about a Blue Fandango laptop cover?

Blue fandango laptop skin Society6 by summerhouseart.com

Which made us think of other mosaics like the tray with the Toucan colors that I posted about some time ago.

Toucan Tray by Helen Bushell, summerhouseart.com

And we tried that as as shower curtain…

Toucan shower curtain Society 6 by summerhouseart.com

Then an Iphone case.  I actually like the way the glass marble ties in with the camera on the phone.

Toucan phone case Society6 by summerhouseart.com

and thought, hey why not leggings?  You’re never quite sure how a design will wrap around, but we were pleasantly surprised.   Look for all of our products that we’ve created on Society 6 at our Summerhouse Art shop there.

Toucan leggings Society6, by Helen Bushell, summerhouseart.com



Just a few more products on our Society 6 store

We’re really enjoying Print on Demand these days.  Such fun way of getting our artwork out there at affordable prices and good quality too.  We really got excited this week because Society 6 has come up with “all over print T-shirts”.  So now you can have a design all over the T instead of just a little design on the front.  Plus, we thought, may as well try out some leggings too.

We’ve been busy adding more products on our Society 6 store.  I can never get over how a little sketch can take on a whole new personality once you put it on other items….

Spreadsheet Tango by Helen Bushell summerhouse art on Society 6

Take this little sketch I did on a scrap of spreadsheet paper.  Just having fun with pencil crayons and some felt pens.  Looks quite different on a pillow or a T-shirt

Spreadsheet Tango pillow on by Helen Bushell, Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

Spreadsheet Tango T-shirt by Helen Bushell, Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

And a couple of my paintings, one rather tropical and the other an abstract of our garden take on a whole new look on T’s.

Tropical Delight by Helen Bushell on T shirt in Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

Our garden by Helen Bushell Tshirt in Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

Will took a border from a card I’d done years ago and gave it a whole new spin.  I do like it on leggings…

Royal Jester design  on leggings, summerhouse art on socieity 6

and here’s how it looks as a T shirt in lilac.  It really looks good as a shower curtain too.  Check it out and many other designs on our shop on Society 6.  We’ll be adding more designs to the new products as we can.

Jester by Will Bushell Tshirt in Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6