Happy Valentines Day!

One of my favourite Heart boxes from my collection to wish everyone a

Happy Valentines Day

and to say Eat lots of chocolate, it’s good for you!

Happy Valentines Day with Betty
Happy Valentines Day with Betty

A Little Happy Easter Vignette



Happy Easter!  Hope you have a lovely weekend with friends and family!

and indulge in lots of chocolate  too.  


Perpetual Valentines for a Happy Valentines Day


I’ve been collecting Heart shaped boxes for a few years now. It’s sort of like a perpetual Valentines Day in my kitchen.

They are all hanging up, well almost all of them, on the wall in the kitchen. Today I thought I’d share a few new ones that haven’t yet made it to my wall of hearts. Sort of my way of wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy and I hope you make sure to have some lovely chocolate too, or flowers are good if on a diet. But chocolates are better. Very necessary for the full enjoyment of the day.