Mosaic Classes in Victoria BC

For those of you coming to this page looking for mosaic Classes in Victoria, I’m sorry to say that I no longer give classes. First, it was because of the Pandemic, since my classes were in a very small home studio. But, then, I also started to realize that, although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching mosaics to so many students since 2002, I was moving on myself, to other art forms, that I wanted to explore like collage and also painting, that I really wanted to get back to.

I wish I had an alternative instructor, that I know of personally, to direct you to, but I really don’t. Although, that shouldn’t stop you from searching for and finding another instructor. Or even teaching yourself, from the many how to videos online or as we did, from researching books on the subject in the library.

I do want to leave a little gallery of just a very few of the many student’s projects, made over the years, to inspire you.

Mosaic Mirror by student Charlotte,
Mosaic Mirror by student Charlotte

Mosaic Student Dianne's mosaic dish,
Student Jane's mosaic table top,


5 thoughts on “Mosaic Classes in Victoria BC

  1. bernice rubin says:

    I would love to take a class. I live in New York. is there any place to stay near you?
    where exactly are you located? are you year round? thanks.

  2. Tanya says:

    Live in Fresno, Ca so there’s no way to get into a class unfortunately but is there any online class you do or you suggest to a new mosaic student?! Very interested in getting better at this and would love some expert help, thanks for whatever advice you can give!
    Tanya G. 😊

  3. Helen says:

    Hi Tanya, Sorry to say I don’t personally know of any classes for making pique assiette mosaics that you can take near to you. But it’s a pretty low tech art form. There are quite a few books out and lots of things on the net. I’m planning at some point to put together more info on it. As it is, there are quite a few blog posts on my blog that give you an overview on how I made some pieces and my inspirations. And lots of inspiration if you check out my boards on Pinterest.

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