Mosaic Post Gallery

I’m in the process of updating this gallery and hopefully it will be back up soon, new and improved.


3 thoughts on “Mosaic Post Gallery

  1. Claudia G. says:

    I love the creative, intuitive colorful pieces. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m making a bowl with kids in transitional housing to sell at an auction, and working on my own with pique assiete on square tiles, to put – I’m not sure where yet. Thank you!!

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Dona, Thank you for your comment. As for the frames, not sure which mirror you’re referring to, but for the wide frames we use a plywood board and glue a mirror onto it. Then we just mosaic around the mirror. You can also cut out plywood into any shape for your frame that way. The little square mosaic mirrors done with beach pottery are just those ubiquitous IKEA mirrors you can get for $5 anywhere.

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