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    I am not at all artistic but I would like to give it a go, before I die, on making Tiffany like lampshade with glass but I am most interested in making mosaic bird baths, jar, bowls etc
    Do not have a clue where to get the materials….where do I start?
    I live in Fort Lauderdale and have not seen any classes on this subject…..I thought that maybe I could learn on line….also purchase the materials on line?
    You do a marvelous work.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Gizelda, You should definitely try mosaic. It’s a pretty low tech art form and always looks good. You can find lots of books on the subject at any library. As for a birdbath, we’ve done a couple that you can see on the blog and there is a youtube video of one of them getting made. If you look up my blog post on how to make a stepping stone, that’ll give you all the basics for a an outside mosaic or birdbath. I say try it and enjoy yourself! And thank you for your compliment on our work.

  3. Tanya Grimes says:

    Love what your doing!!!! SOOOO wish I could come to to a class & learn from you but I’m in central California & it’s a bit far away 😢
    I’m a self taught mosaics & I’m COMPLETELY in love!!! I’ve found a teach north from me but it’s hard to get up there so really I’m kinda just doing it solo. I’m read every mosaic book, devoured Pinterest, following everyone on Instagram! I’m reaching out to see if you have any tips, videos or anything to give to a budding artist who’s just wanting to get better more than anything!!! Thank you so very much!
    Tanya Grimes 😊

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Tanya, Glad that you like our work. We both went to Art College many years ago and majored in painting, but the mosaic was all self taught. Just like you, we learned by looking at all the books on how to do it, taking in a lot of other artist’s work and mostly just doing it. My best tip is a tool we discovered found along the way. Two-wheeled cutters are actually meant for stained glass artists but they work great for fine cutting of dishes that aren’t too too thick. Hope that helps although you may have discovered them already.

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