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    I am not at all artistic but I would like to give it a go, before I die, on making Tiffany like lampshade with glass but I am most interested in making mosaic bird baths, jar, bowls etc
    Do not have a clue where to get the materials….where do I start?
    I live in Fort Lauderdale and have not seen any classes on this subject…..I thought that maybe I could learn on line….also purchase the materials on line?
    You do a marvelous work.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Gizelda, You should definitely try mosaic. It’s a pretty low tech art form and always looks good. You can find lots of books on the subject at any library. As for a birdbath, we’ve done a couple that you can see on the blog and there is a youtube video of one of them getting made. If you look up my blog post on how to make a stepping stone, that’ll give you all the basics for a an outside mosaic or birdbath. I say try it and enjoy yourself! And thank you for your compliment on our work.

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