Will’s Been Busy

Will has been quite busy lately. A benefit, I suppose, of the times, since we’ve been staying home. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he’s been reacquainting himself with an old art form he loved in the past, Lino cuts. And it’s been fun, fun, fun since then. First, he had all the fun researching and finding new tools, paper and all the other accoutrements of making lino cuts again. Then, when everything was ready to start, the fun of actually doing this art form again. And it really was like riding a bike for him. Printmaking was one of his majors back in the Art College days. Lino cuts are one the easiest to set up. No expensive presses needed, for one. Although, I am aware that he does from time to time look for a nice small, vintage press to add to his studio. He also set up a whole new Etsy shop called WillBushellFineArt featuring his own work. These lino cuts are small, just 4 x 4 inches or approx 10 x 10 cm, done on acid free rice paper. Very easy to mat up and frame. Plus, he also set up a new Web site of all his work over the years, which you can find at Willbushellfineart.com It features an archive of paintings and drawings from 70’s to the present. Hope you enjoy.

"Much Later" lino cut, by Will Bushell, summerhouseart.com
"Ray's Way", lino cut, by Will Bushell, summerhouseart.com
"Moon Flow", lino cut, by Will Bushell, summerhouseart.com
"Pudding Proof", lino cut, by Will Bushell, summerhouseart.com