Finding the Wonderful, Whimsical, Just Silly and Fun

Sometimes I think that garage sailing is the most fun when you find the unexpected, whimsical, odd or wonderful. As in odd juxtapositions of the beautiful and spiritual with the junk. For instance, we were out looking for good stuff and wandered into a flea market given by the Tai Chi society here in Victoria. And there, amongst all the dribs and drabs of goodies was this wonderful shrine.

A shrine amongst the dribs and drabs.
A shrine amongst the dribs and drabs.
The shrine without the distractions
The shrine without the distractions

It was beautiful, replete with offerings of fruit carefully piled up in bowls.

Another day, over in the Vic West area of Victoria, we found this rather whimsical and thought provoking and well, just silly front yard sculpture. A bike supposedly growing out of the rock? Or had it dissolved into the rock? Who knows but obviously someone was having some fun and having a creative moment.

A bike "set in stone".
A bike “set in stone”.


And I have to admit I rather liked this sign. I sometimes feel like my garden is an Experimental Dandelion Farm too. Too bad the sign wasn’t part of the garage sale offerings or I would have snapped it up.

Love this sign!
Love this sign!


As for fun, we always find that we just can’t ever pass up an opportunity to pet a dog. And this one has the facial expression down to an art.

Can you resist me?
Can you resist me?

Who can resist those ” pet me, pet me” eyes. Not us.


4 thoughts on “Finding the Wonderful, Whimsical, Just Silly and Fun

  1. mary-lou says:

    And who can resist checking out this blog on a regular basis? Thanks for reminding us to see and take note. It’s all there, we just have to open our eyes… Oh, I love that bike and stone sculpture, one could muse on that one all afternoon, preferably a sunny one though…

  2. Helen says:

    Glad you’re enjoying what we find. It’s all part of my new motto of having fun every day. And the person who made the bike sculpture must be still getting a giggle out of this idea, don’t you think?

  3. mary-lou says:

    And maybe he/she has moved onto other things, like having tractors spinning in the air…

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