A Little Mosaic Bunny Box


Or how this box became

Before the BunniesThis!

The Bunny Box by Helen Bushell summerhouseart.com

Sometimes, when you teach mosaics, you get an idea from a student. And one of my students this spring, decided to do a mosaic box. A Tea Box complete with little teapot ornaments on top. It’s going to look great. Now, I’ve made shrines, pots, trays and wall pieces but, for some odd reason, I’ve never done a box in mosaic and now seemed a good time to try. For two reasons, one, to try it out and see what problems it would present and two, suddenly I had shelves full of ornaments that could be quite useful in a new way. A little collection of bunnies came into my view which also sparked a memory of some really cool “carrot” tiles I’d been saving for some reason. An ah hah moment if ever.

So off to the thrift store for a suitable box. Yes the pic above is blurry, it’s not your eyes. Sorry about that. And then a little playing about with bunnies and placement.

Bunny Placement

Starting with corners to use the “carrot” tiles. Mapping out the placement of bunnies. And that big patch on the front is for a loverly bunch of ceramic carrots I just happened to have lying around. I just love it when everything comes together.

Mapping out the Box

After many hours of applying bits and pieces of various dishes and tiles, it was time to grout. I left the spaces open to glue on the bunnies and carrots later.  


A little close up view of the dishes used. This is a Pique Assiette type of mosaic which in rough translation means “stolen dishes”.  I had one tiny little dish that had a map of Wales on it and the colors and texture just seemed to work well with the other dishes.

Bunny Box closeup

Had to do a bit of adjusting with the bunnies and after gluing them in place, I mixed up a tiny bit of grout and finished the top.

Gluing down ornaments on Bunny Box by Helen Bushell

Oh, I also painted the inside a nice “carroty” orange. Just for a little surprise. The bunnies seem a little surprised at being tipped.

Mosaic Bunny Box Open by Helen Bushell summerhouseart.com

So here they are, all waiting for more carrots.

Bunny Box by Helen Bushell summerhouseart.com


Mosaic Bunny Box