Some New Products in our Society6 shop

We have three POD or Print on Demand shops online. For those of you who’ve never heard of POD, it’s basically taking the technology of printing into the 21st Century. It used to be that if you wanted to create a print of a painting for instance, you had to, for cost effectiveness, get it printed in the 100’s or 1000’s and then hope you could sell them. But today, with printing technology it’s possible to just print one at a time and even better, just as it’s ordered. Hence Print On Demand or POD. Very cool. We have POD shops on Society 6, Zazzle and Red Bubble.

It’s something that has been kind of fun and interesting for us. Fun in that you can take a design, artwork, mosaic, photo or collage, and apply it to all sorts of “products”. And there really are ALL sorts! You start with the usual things like art prints, and posters to really fun things that you didn’t really think of seeing your artwork on….like shower curtains, pillows and curtains and even lampshades and runners! BTW just click on the photos to go to the Society6 Summerhouseart shop

And you never know just what these companies are going to come up with next to showcase design and art … like these credenzas

The credenzas have a shelf inside, have a choice of wood, a choice of legs and come flat packed for shipping.

Triange Treat Credenza by Summerhouse Art on Society 6
Blue and Orange Credenza by Summerhouse Art on Society 6

They recently added curtains which you can order in either black out….

Triangle Treat Credenza by Summerhouse Art on Society 6
Moving Parts black out curtain by Summerhouse Art on Society 6

or transparent….

Moving Parts Sheer curtain by Summerhouse Art on Society 6

Trust us, these are just a small sampling of what is on offer from our Society6 shop. Enjoy!


A Couple of Mosaic Studies Transformed

Triangle Treat-mosaic-prints by Summerhouseart on Society 6
To see this product on Society 6 just click the image

My last post was about a couple of rather colorful mosaic studies made with broken dishes, one in small squares and the other in triangular shapes. These days we look at everything we do and wonder where else we can take that design. With all the print on demand opportunities you have a huge number of products you can put that artwork on.

We’ve both become interested in fabric and surface design and have been teaching ourselves how to take an idea and make it an all over pattern. So the mosaics presented an opportunity for experimentation. It was one thing to just take the original and make a print of it. Which I think worked out rather nicely…

Square On mosaic-prints by Summerhouseart on Society 6
Click the image to go to Society 6

But to create more with it, especially to create an all over pattern required days and days of trying things out, experimenting, and repeated trips to youtube tutorials as we refreshed our memories on the steps to take. Then back to Photoshop and Illustrator.

The triangles were actually quite successful as an all over design. We took out the grout digitally, of course, and basically blew the triangles further apart, did a bit of rearranging and created a quite seamless surface pattern with it. It looked quite wonderful on some of the Society 6 products like leggings

Triangle Treat-mosaic-leggings by Summerhouse Art
see this on Society 6 by clicking the image

or a phone case…

Triangle Treat-mosaic-cases by Summerhouseart on Society 6
click the image to see this on our shop on Society 6

and even entire comforters.

Triangle Treat-mosaic-comforters by Summerhouse Art
click the image to see this on our shop on Society 6

In fact, in the future we may even venture into fabric design with it.

The squares were a bit more difficult and in the end we decided to go with just more or less tiling the pattern, which is basically taking the square and repeating it over and over as it was. This too, looks quite good on a variety of products. Society 6 also allows you to scale the pattern so that you can have it larger on some things, like a tee

Square On-mosaic-all-over-print-shirts
click the image to see this on our shop on Society 6

or travel mug,

Square On-mosaic-metal-travel-mugs by
click the image to see this on our shop on Society 6

or even smaller as an all over design on a duvet,

Triangle Treat-mosaic-leggings by Summerhouse Art
click the image to see this on our shop on Society 6

or a rug or shower curtain. But we’re not done yet and are coming up with even more products on other sites. We’ll have those up soon. It’s proving to be fun and challenging all at the same time. What more can you ask?

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