A Clutter of Hearts

I’m looking forward to this weekend. We’ve had quite a busy time for the last few weeks and have missed our usual garage sailing. We’re feeling the effects of withdrawal I think. So tomorrow we’ll be off and out of here, ready to roll. The weather is beautiful, sunny, with a breeze.

The last time we went out garage sailing I found this little heart box with Betty Boop on a motorcycle.



She’ll get a top spot in my collection of heart shaped boxes. Which brings me, nice little segue here, don’t you think, to collecting. Now, we have a few collections. We have collection of elephant ornaments, decorative tins, boxes and fans, just to name a few. I even have a ridiculous amount of Santa Clauses, which I lovingly unpack every year at the appropriate time and display. Then I lovingly repack them in tissue and old plastic grocery bags in about 5 or 6 boxes all marked “Santas”. But you’ll have to wait till Christmas to see those. The other collections I’m planning on sharing before too long. As I said to my sons, one day this will all be yours. Not sure if they were impressed but at least they got the humour.



Why do I have a collection of hearts? I really don’t know. They aren’t worth anything, and even as collectibles will probably never be worth much. Most are thrift shop and garage sale finds.






Like most collections you start with one thing and like a magpie you find yourself attracted to another thing and that leads to finding another thing and another and another and before you know it, you have a collection. No real reason. Just fun. Am I just an accumulator in this world where “clutter” is a dirty word? Probably. Or is it because I just enjoy something beautiful or even kitschy? Or is it because I am an artist and I can appreciate all this art on odd little things like tins and boxes. Or maybe is it because I can appreciate all the different ways you can sculpt an elephant ornament? Yup to all of those, I think.





The heart boxes are all displayed in one corner of our kitchen. Now there is a reason why they are displayed there. That corner, according to Feng Shui, when I was into Feng Shui, is the part of the house that is for the relationships, marriage and friends. It just seemed fitting to put hearts there, the time honored symbol of love. And many of these heart boxes have been given to me by people I love and who have enjoyed a bit of the thrill of collecting, just for me.

My usual chair in the kitchen is opposite this wall so I can look over my collection of hearts everyday. I never tire of it. It gives me a sense of happiness, pure joy. I love seeing the way they all relate and yet are all so different. I still enjoy studying each one. It’s like celebrating Valentine’s Day every day. ¬†And why not?

Visitors fall into two groups when it comes to our collections. Those who think life should be lived minimally with no clutter and disapprove and those who enjoy the crazy interesting things that they can look at and enjoy. Or to put it more simply those who care about dust and those who don’t. Unfortunately, some people only see collections as dust collectors, clutter and mess. All I can say is, you don’t know what you’re missing. And as for dusting, well, I dust if I have to, but I’d rather be making art or enjoying my collections.