moving through a quiet foggy morning….

Yesterday morning, looking out the kitchen window I found our garden softened by fog. You would think that living on the coast we would be socked in with fog more often, but actually, it’s really not that common where we live. I love fog. But then I love rain too. Good thing I live here in Victoria. So presented with or should I say, given the present of, a foggy morning, well, I just had to go out and be in it.
Fog feels so soft like this moss growing on the garden gate.


In fog, sound is muffled, the air itself is quiet, much like these chimes encircled with clematis vine. Except for maybe the lonely sound of a fog horn. For me, that sound is instant relaxation.


Even the little succulents growing in the basin in the garden, seemed to drink in the moisture from this low level cloud.


Maybe that’s what it is, what attracts me…. I love feeling as though I’m moving through a soft, moist and silent cloud that’s come down to be with me in the garden.


6 thoughts on “moving through a quiet foggy morning….

  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you for this lovely post, Helen. Such beautiful photos! Like you, I love a foggy day, so soft and dreamy, and am thankful that I live on the West Coast.

  2. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Fer, Glad you like our little basin. I was hoping that more of the plants would cascade over the side but it looks ok as it is. I’ll have to pull them all in and replant for winter soon.

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