Fall color from Stop sign red to ……. pink?


The other day as I wandered through the fog taking in the colors, I started to see connections and transitions in the colors around me. Walking around with a camera will do that. Our maple in the front yard is what can only be described as Stop sign red. On a sunny day you need sunglasses it’s so bright.

In another garden I came across another maple that could be a color match for a fire hydrant.


I found big maple leaves so red the color vibrated on our now green green grass. That’s one of my favourite benefits of living in a rainy place, the grass is green all winter.


The crocosmia in our front garden glowed when the sun came out.


And then the deeper red of this tree in the neighbourhood, it’s trunk full of the most lovely gray green moss.


But there are more colors out there, purples, like the deep purple maple leaves found in the park next to the house.

Then there is the wine colored purple and green in these swirling and twisting Canna Lily leaves….


Or the magenta of the Autumn Joy sedum now in it’s glory in the front garden.


And then what did I see but the full transition of red to pink, which is, to me, really a summer color. But no, here it is glowing under the ferns in another garden in these tiny delicate cyclamen.


Or in my own garden, the gorgeous pink of the bergenia leaves as they change and die.


But I leave you with the last color of the Hydrangea blooms, earlier in summer a periwinkle blue, and now, a lovely tint of magenta pink. And I haven’t even covered all the yellows and oranges…..



9 thoughts on “Fall color from Stop sign red to ……. pink?

  1. Meredith says:

    Helen, what a gorgeous post! I especially loved how you pointed out the pinks in the landscape, something we don’t normally associate with fall or consider as part of it, conceptually.

    That first diptych is amazing; truly, your maple is perfectly in tune with the stop sign. šŸ™‚

  2. Jen says:

    We do live in a beautiful and colorful part of the world, I wouldn’t want to give that up for anything.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Meredith, Odd isn’t it, we are so used to thinking of fall colors as just the reds and yellows and oranges. But around here we’ve still got roses finishing up and yes, all that pink and purple too.

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