Woo hoo, a new theme look and a new Gallery

I’ve been busy lately.  Well, to be quite honest, Will and I have been busy with the blog lately.  I really need him to keep me from losing patience with software and help with learning how to do things.   We wanted a few changes in the blog.  For one, the look of it.  So we chose a new theme.  We find it a bit cleaner looking than the old theme.

And then I discovered a new (to me, anyway) gallery plug in for WordPress called Catablog. Of course, being me, I had to have it.  I thought that having a gallery of my mosaic posts would make it so much easier to visually navigate the blog if you were looking for mosaics alone. I wanted anyone to be able to search through the pics of mosaics and just click the title to go to the post about it. So after much fussing and fuming on my part, and dogged determination from both of us, we managed to create the aforementioned gallery. You can find it here.  

Or, just click on Mosaic Posts Gallery on the Menu bar above.  Enjoy!


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