A Perfect Day at the Beaches with Boats, Umbrellas and Gliders


It’s been rather hectic around here and I’ve gotten a bit behind with my posts. But I just had to share a rather perfect day we spent just a short while ago. We’d decided at the outset to have a whole day of it. A Holiday in our little Tourist Town so to speak. Bill and I never take holidays, you know the structured ones where you pack up and go away for two or more weeks. No, we stay here in our holiday destination, where we happen to live anyway and spread our two weeks vacation out over each week end of the summer. Works for us. The itinerary was simplicity itself. Go garage sailing of course, goes without saying. Then carry on to whatever beaches and enjoy, enjoy.

The first beach we chose was Willows Beach in Oak Bay. The day was blue and white, blue ocean, white sails, blue skies and off in the distance a white capped Mt Baker.

But there was more color, in the umbrellas. The one was an old one we picked up ages ago at where else, a garage sale. I love the look of the fade on the fabric, it looks like a photo print.


The beach to the left…


And the beach to the right, not too busy, not too lonely, just a happy vibe in the sunshine…


and a perfect spot for sitting, a driftwood plank.


Then on we went to Clover Point. To see the Para gliders. Two aloft, enjoying the breeze.


Here a few jockeying for position to take off…


Well you knew that was going to happen didn’t you?


And then to round out the perfect day perfectly, we stopped at Beacon Bills to get a soft ice cream cone dipped in Chocolate. Ah bliss.