The Usual and Slightly Unusual Sights Found on Fall Strolls

Now that Garage Sale season is over, we’ve taken to having strolls instead. And we always take our little camera, since we never know what we might see on our travels. Last week had it’s share of interesting sights.

First off, the usual, but still lovely, sites like this backlit sunflower on the Gorge Walkway.


Or the Arbutus tree angling upward in a blue sky.


Or the eye-catching orange berries set off so nicely by the leaves. Mother Nature never gets her colors wrong.


Then to the more unusual…. like this tree. Is it half dead or is it half alive? Sorta like half full or half empty. But an oddity all the same.


This weekend we headed out to Beacon Ave Beach. Well, that’s what I call it. It’s at the end of Beacon Ave in Sidney and it’s a gravely beach. But the real reason we go there is to find the lovely beach pottery shards and beach glass that is, for some reason, quite plentiful there.

This Saturday’s unusual site was some divers doing exercises.


And when they emerged they did look a little bit otherworldly. But look closely to the bottom left and you will see a little Pixie with pink wings looking for beach glass too. I’m pretty sure she’ll have those wings on tonight for Halloween don’t you?


Then off to a cafe for a Decaf Cafe Mocha for me and a Dark Roast for Bill, along with some rather nice Carrot cake. From the window of the cafe, we saw another unusual site. A little horse, drawing lots of attention for its owner, who just happened to be running as a candidate for election. Here Buckley (his name) is getting a nice scratch for an irritating itch.


We finished up having another stroll on Island View Beach. This beach just stretches out forever it seems. Hardly anyone there that day and it was lovely. We made a promise to come back much more often.