My Indoor Flower Show

How often is it that I’ve seen something wonderful and not run for the camera to snap a shot? I’ll give myself a mental reminder to get back to that soon but then,distracted by all the stuff going on in my life, I forget. Don’t even want to estimate an answer. And I know that I can take all the mental snapshots I like but I am NOT going to remember that moment in a few years or even days, or let’s face it, even a few hours later.

Thank goodness every now and then, something just catches my eye and makes me get up and get that camera. This happened the other day as I sat reading on the couch one morning. I had the front door open and I glanced up and saw the sun streaming in on the Christmas Cactus in bloom. Now, I’d known that it was full of blooms for a few days and even had a plan to take a photo, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But at that moment, it was a plant suddenly aglow with each magenta flower outlined in light. It practically screamed at me to get off the couch and take a picture!


And also caught the other little starters also in bloom. Did I tell you I have a hard time throwing out cuttings and tend to pot things up till I have too many plants?


Which of course led to me noticing that I had a few more flowers in bloom around the house. The African Violets on the kitchen windowsill were also strutting their stuff.


I’d just recently changed the windowsill ornament collection from cats to dogs to set off the plants and since I already had the camera out, well, here they are. Pretty aren’t they? Such old fashioned flowers, hardly trendy, but I never care.


Today, as I post this, the Christmas Cacti are already over their bloom time. They always seem to be a more of a Remembrance Day Cacti anyway. But they sure did put on a show for us and I’m glad I caught it on “film”.


One thought on “My Indoor Flower Show

  1. mary-lou says:

    Well, where have I been this last while? Packing and moving and moving and packing, that’s where, but Helen, your postings keep coming – yay!

    Thanks for that reminder to not let the moment pass. I’m so negligent that way myself, always putting off taking the picture until some other time and then what? It’s gone and forgotten or, more likely for me, becomes a regret – not good!

    Well, the cacti and violets are lovely and I’m enjoying ours too – it’s that time of year when a burst of colour adds a bright note to the bleak beauty of the season.

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