Mining the sketchbooks

Cheetah by Will Bushell on Society 6
Cheetah by Will Bushell on Society 6

The thing about most fine art is that for some reason, artists only show the latest work.  It’s as though artwork is like food and “goes off” ,has a “sell by date” or “best before date”.  Often when artists have a show in a gallery, only the latest work is shown and if it doesn’t sell, it goes back to the studio to lean against a wall.  The beauty of going online with work is that suddenly you look at all your work with fresh eyes.  And, hey, it didn’t “go off”, it’s still good and should be out there to be enjoyed by more than one person.  So what I’m leading up to is that this particular drawing in ink of a cheetah, is from an old sketchbook of Will’s, from way back in 1966!  And I love it!  And I like that it’s out there to be enjoyed as a print, or even a tote bag!  And why not?  You can find more on our shop on Society 6.


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