Meet Olivia







“Meet Olivia”
Well, that’s what my wonderful and oh so generous friend, Hart, said when he brought me this lovely Clivia. Named Olivia, to help me remember what the name of the plant was, of course. But I do like the name, so from now on….. ¬†she will be Olivia.

Hart had given me part of the mother plant, a gorgeous plant that had a permanent spot just inside his patio doors. She had grown too big and he’d promised me that one day, when he split it and repotted, I would get a bit. So a little while ago, I got my promised gift. I noticed right away that there were buds coming, which inspired me to start my little photo progression. Now it turns out, that poor Hart has given me the part of the plant with all the blooms! So Hart, just so you don’t miss out entirely, Olivia sends her love and her blooms to you. Thank you….I do love her.


16 thoughts on “Meet Olivia

  1. Tatyana says:

    Well, now you know that Hart is your real friend if he gave you the best part of the plant! It was a good idea to start taking pictures. If to scroll down the computer screen fast, I can see the buds opening!

  2. Karen Sloan says:

    Olivia the Clivia… Just great!
    The presentation of pictures showing the blooming stages is a wonderful idea, Helen. A visual diary, complete with magnificent colour!

  3. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Deborah, I feel guilty that I got all the blooms but I’m going to enjoy them all the same. Poor Hart, I think he’s been more generous than he meant to be. But hopefully his part of the plant will bloom too.

  4. Marianne says:

    What a beauty she is!!!! Thank you for sharing these ravishing photos of Clivia, such a gorgeous plant – heart-melting flowers and deep green glossy leaves!! Check out Gideon Botha’s website in South Africa – I may be wrong but I think your plant may be called “Green Heart” – how very apt given the name of your wonderful friend and benefactor! Always loving your blog, Marianne

  5. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Marianne, She is beautiful as you say. Looked up the site and you may be right, I’ll have to tell Hart. He’ll find that fun. They really are wonderful plants aren’t they?

  6. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Catherine, Actually, I agree. I have such a bad memory these days and since I tend to think of all flowering plants as girls, I think I’ll carry on giving everyone a new name.

  7. Hart says:

    Hey Helen, Olivia looks like she is very happy with her new surroundings. I knew she would feel right at home, in your houseplant jungle! Great photos on the emerging blooms as well.
    I guess I will call my half of the Clivia, “Liv”!

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