Looking for Plant Sales and Other Treasures


Saturday found us getting up late and dithering about whether or not the weather would hold out for garage sailing. But I found an ad for a plant sale or two so off we went. And you really couldn’t miss this sign.


And although I loved the way they’d planted things up in these lovely red cups, we didn’t find anything we really needed at this one. Although we did spend a few minutes trying to justify a couple of things.

But that’s not to say we didn’t find anything. I found these Cleome starts at a flea market later


and Bill found this Firetail at another sale. Ok it had a latin name on the tag too but I can’t make it out. The bloom is a sort of thistle like flower in magenta.


As you can see, Bill has been very efficient and planted his find already, right next to the Cardoon. I, on the other hand haven’t got around to quite a few things that need planting. But I will, I will…..


Couldn’t resist a photo of the seller’s cat sitting in the sunlight.

The next garage sale was overlooking the ocean on Dallas Road and I had to catch a photo of the very ocean flavoured fence of driftwood. I might borrow this idea, I like it so much.


Then, as we made our way to another sale we passed Beacon Hill Park and practically screeched to a stop for this photo. Lovely, isn’t it?


Here’s a close up to see what produced this car stopping scene.


Then on to have lunch in front of this pond where we could enjoy not only the view of the pond with it’s geese but a glimpse of the ocean beyond.


The find for the day were these pillows, especially this one with the Japanese scene. Love it and I may even have to totally redo the decor in the living room to accommodate it. There was another good find but I’ll have to keep it secret for now, it’s going to be birthday present for Hart and I don’t want him to see it yet.



19 thoughts on “Looking for Plant Sales and Other Treasures

  1. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Karen, The driftwood in this “fence” was probably about two feet tall, not sure how much was buried to hold them up. So they weren’t really big pieces. It did look very natural though. I love the Japanese cushion too, can’t imagine why they sold it. One man’s/woman’s junk another’s treasure I guess. As for the Cleomes, I think I have just the spot for them.

  2. debsgarden says:

    Oh, my – that car-stopping scene almost made my heart stop! Absolutely gorgeous, as was the pond with the geese. It looks like you had a great time, and the pillows are a superb find.

  3. Deborah at Kilbourne Grove says:

    Helen, I am so embarrased but I can not tell if the Beacon Hill shot is scilla, I don’t think it is, I think it might be camassia, there is a very short one. Because you are so much further ahead then me, I think the scilla should already have finished, but I could be wrong.

  4. Frances says:

    Hi Helen, you certainly scored some prizes! Love the pillow especially, and that is a healthly looking cleome. I love buying plants from sales like these, you never know what treasures will turn up from someone else’s garden. 🙂

  5. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Frances, It really was a good day out. I’ve found a lot of good plants at garden and garage sales over the years. You can never beat the prices or the service, since the sellers are always enthusiastic gardeners.

  6. noel says:

    aloha helen,

    what a wonderful field to explore, i love blue and yellow combinations…a picnic and wine would be perfect…..enjoyed reading about your finds too, i love flea markets and farmers markets also

  7. Tatyana says:

    Wild flowers are beautiful! Cleome is one of my favorites – you plant them once, let them self-seed, and they stay forever in the garden!

  8. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Noel, Glad you enjoyed our hill in flower. It really was worth a stop and a photo. We’re out almost every Saturday in what I call Garage Sailing season, looking for bargoons. It’s our entertainment.

  9. Paul & Olya says:

    We love the cat on the chair, looks a lot like our Morris! Love the chair too, kind of rustic medieval like.

  10. mary-lou says:

    Hi Helen, the blue flowers are camas, native to the area, the roots were harvested by the first nations people who originally lived around there. They are beautiful, aren’t they.

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