International Color Day! Who Knew??



How wonderful! There is an International Colour Day! Apparently proposed in 2008 by president of the Portuguese Colour Association, Maria Joao Durao, to the International Colour Association.

Thank you Maria!

I love color, can’t get enough of it! Almost, no definitely, more than chocolate, which runs a close second. Anyway, who knew? I only found out today! And it just so happens that I, as a colour nut, a color aficionado, a colour fan, have been taking and collecting colourful photos for ages.

I could have done a garden of color. But no, as an artist,  I see colour everywhere, and capture it for later enjoyment. Like chocolate. My eyes are attracted to colour in odd places like fire hydrants surrounded by bright yellow poles, to boxes of curtain rings found at a garage sale. Even a fan in my studio. Then there are things like wind socks, unique and colorful cars, even sewer covers. I could own these cars! Well the list goes on.

So, without further ado… colour from a color addicted artist’s point of view.  Enjoy.  Please.

























































6 thoughts on “International Color Day! Who Knew??

  1. mlou says:

    “I never met a color I didn’t like.” I’m sure a few people have said this, or at least thought it, including and especially you Helen! But this from artist Dale Chihuly. Check out his glass blown Seaform series – beautiful!

    Anyway, great post and pix on colour, it’s everywhere, but we must remind ourselves that without light there’s no colour. So here’s to light.

  2. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Mlou, glad you liked my little colorful post. I must say I don’t totally agree with Dale, I’m still not partial to brown or gray. Like those hot colors more. But I do love his work!

  3. mlou says:

    But I love browns and grays, they can be so rich, so varied, like any other colour of course. They’re the earth, sky and sea… Oh well, perhaps you’ll come to like them one day (not?).

    I like colour too, although you probably wouldn’t guess it. Saw a close-up of a hummingbird the other day, and its colouring was brilliant but subtle, fuchsia against gray/brown – beautiful!

  4. Lia Fraser says:

    Great pics, Helen. I loved them all ’cause I love bright colors too. Feeling quite color-deprived because of our grey winter, so your post is most timely. I would love to meet the owner of those cars. Special people, I’m sure.

  5. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Mary Lou, Lately I’ve noticed in all the decor mags that gray walls and brown seem to dominate. Also you get books about “Natural decor” only featuring gray and brown and beige ( my third least fave color) To me natural is in the garden and there’s a lot of colour there! And it ain’t gray, brown and beige. Although I can see the appeal of those colors I’d have to have a pop of red or pistachio to deal with them. Even a rock on beach often has a growth of bright green moss or lichen growing on it. Colour is very personal, very emotional and above all individual. There is no universal right or wrong. Just what each person is attracted to and feels good around. That said, I can appreciate the grays of a rainy day and see the beauty there. But give me a hot pink umbrella!

  6. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Lia, Glad you enjoyed my pics. As for the cars, I must say I’d love to have them. The VW’s owner lives in Fernwood and came out to tell us all about it when he saw us photographing the car. The other car in in Fairfield and I must say I have a definite lust for it.

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