First Day of Spring Resolutions


It occurred to me today, as I went out to do some garden clean up, that in some ways, the first day of spring can be much like New Years Day. Both days can be full of resolutions. Granted, for some, there is still snow on the first day of spring, so for those who still waiting, replace first day of Spring with First-day-of-Real-gardening-after-the-snow-is-gone.

So what are the similarities? Well,on New Years Day, I sometimes think I really must change my ways, have a fresh start. I decide I must get more exercise,  really must get into shape, must stop eating all those lovely chocolate goodies. Or I decide I really should try to have a really tidy house, all the time, not just before company comes. Or I decide that this year I will be calm, contemplative, meditative and stress free. Of course, more exercise just becomes more walks and I don’t stop eating goodies but do try to eat less of them. Having a tidy house all the time lasts for about a week. But I have stuck with trying to meditate more. So, what about my first day of Spring resolutions?

Well, come the first day of Spring, I tell myself that this year when it comes to gardening, I will not over do it and will instead pace myself, take lots of breaks and for once, avoid giving myself a nasty case of muscle spasms. I even thought maybe this year I would only allow myself one hour of weeding per day.  I always hope to have a much nicer garden, maintained, weeded, not such a hodge podge. But instead of trying to do it all right away, I will remind myself that I have all spring and summer and I can take my time.

Of course, all that goes out the window on the first day of Spring. Gone is the plan to go slow, not spend the whole day bent over, not to try to do too much. Of course, more than one bed got weeded, more than one area got cleaned up. The little green wagon filled with weeds and also 2 big garbage buckets filled with garden waste to take to the garden recycle. We just couldn’t STOP!


But on a positive note, I did take care of my knees. You may laugh at my little stool with the old pillow wrapped in plastic bags but me “sitting and weeding my way around the garden”,  instead of kneeling my way around the garden really saved my knees.


But oddly enough, I was reminded of one of my New Year’s resolutions to try to be calm and more contemplative while I was slowly and methodically weeding the paths in the herb garden. It came to me as I worked that I needed to think about the mood I’m in when I garden. Am I combative, ready to wage war with the weeds, a control freak who needs everything in its place, every bed edged? Or am I calm and accepting, ready to just enjoy the day and the feeling of accomplishment as I slowly get something done, ready to accept the little surprises that grow where I didn’t plant them? One way is stressful, full of anger sometimes, and often disappointment. The other contemplative, meditative, generally happier and stressfree. I think this will be one thought and perhaps a new resolution,  that I will try to carry with me from now on, when I venture out to tend to the garden.

An in the end, resolutions kept or not, as Will put it, after a day out in the garden you always do feel great mentally,  although the physical part, the sore muscles, the aching back don’t always feel quite so good as we pop an anti-inflammatory and finally relax by vegging on the couch for the evening.


8 thoughts on “First Day of Spring Resolutions

  1. Lori E says:

    Nothing clears my head the way working in the garden does. I don’t sit on a stool however, but right on the ground. I am only 5 feet tall and if I sit up even a few inches I can’t reach the ground, or those nasty weeds.
    I like the way you compare it to New Years resolutions. Oh my do I relate to that.
    This year I will get those weeds under control. I will deadhead regularly. I will fertilize and water on time.
    We both know how this will end don’t we.
    Thanks for stopping by. The ‘story of me ‘ is one of my favorite little jokes.

  2. Lori E says:

    BTW I had a bit of a look around and noticed your Santa collection. You should come by and have a look at mine. I have about 100. Some of them I painted myself.

  3. Helen says:

    Hi Lori, I’m 5’4″ myself and I’ve been known to sit on the ground too, but on my plastic bag covered pillow. I do like to be comfy. I have thought about changing my kneeler so that I can sit and still use the side bars to help haul myself up. Am I sounding too old now? As for the garden resolutions, oh yes, we do both know how it will end.

  4. Dirty Girl Gardening says:

    That bucket of dandelions is killing me! I just bought some fresh dandelion greens at the store for salad! Too funny…. maybe I can just come and weed your garden for a trade! 🙂

  5. Helen says:

    Hi Jenn, If it helps,the whole weed wagon wasn’t full of just dandelions. There were all kinds of other weeds, we like to have a real variety here in our garden. Somehow I have missed the joys of dandelion in my salad….do you recommend it strongly?

  6. mary-lou says:

    How did I miss commenting on this post? Well, curiously enough my timing was very apropos as today was in fact our “first day of spring” as far as the “garden” was concerned. The sun came out finally and I was called forth to not do battle but join the party.

    Weeds weeds everywhere, they’ve colonized all the bare patches (read: previously weeded for winter planting but didn’t get around to it and now whoops!). But it’s so satisfying to just pull, pull and pull, meditative as you say Helen.

    I love that picture of the little barrow of weeds, it looks like a little creature and a happy one at that!

  7. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Mary Lou, Ah weeds, sometimes I think we should actually cultivate them instead. They are hardy, have no pests and are very good at propagation and survival in the toughest conditions. It’s nice that my little green weed wagon has another fan. I do like it, it’s small, easy to tip out and looks cute too.

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