Bobbi’s Romantic Floral Mosaic Table

Mosaic Student Bobbi's table,

In my mosaic classes I teach Pique Assiette Mosaic, which is a type of mosaic made from broken dishes. This romantic floral table is the creation of my latest mosaic student, Bobbi. Most of the dishes were found in the “Shopping Class” where we poke through thrift shops looking for good dishes to break. By the second class we had a good start on a design. But before the 3rd Class, Bobbi had discovered while out shopping, a lovely little plate with a floral design that just begged to be featured as a focal point in the center of the table. The only problem was, she needed something to outline that focal point to set it off. A rummage through my stash of dish fragments presented a perfect dish, a pale green dish with embossed flowers, that I’d forgotten I even had!

Mosaic Student Bobbi's table, close up, ungrouted,

Mosaic is a slow art form, requiring time and patience to cut and fit pieces. We must have spent close to an hour, each of us, messing about with the flowers inside the outline, trying to use every last bit of flower and finally, voila, it worked! Another half hour cutting and arranging the outline pieces. By the time it was grouted, with a French Vanilla grout, the piece totally worked. Bobbi was thrilled. She’s planning on painting the table with a pale green chalk paint to set off the mosaic. A perfect finish, I think.


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