Blossoms, Blossoms and the Accidental Gift


Realizing that I’ve been stuck in front of the computer for far too long, I pushed my chair away yesterday and grabbed my little camera and set out for a walk. I was looking for photos for a photo essay I’m working on, but that is for another day. I didn’t go far. Just a block or two from my home. But there was much to see and savour. Blossoms, blossoms everywhere. The gorgeous ones above were on some trees on the boulevard by the Medical Clinic.

In a front garden, a heather’s fuchsia color ¬†was set off so well by the bright green of the leaves of the bush next to it.


A magnolia in full bloom outside an apartment building.


Grape hyacinths in another front yard, periwinkle-purple color so saturated and full.


And as I wandered by, my eye was caught by a little vignette not planted lovingly by anyone at all, just a lucky scattering of seeds that grew where they were cast, maybe by the birds or a breeze. Clustered around a hydro meter, of all places. A little gift of accidental color, complimentary on the color wheel. Orange and purple, calendula and bluebells.


Then turning back, these cheery pale yellow tulips in my own flower bed welcomed me home.



22 thoughts on “Blossoms, Blossoms and the Accidental Gift

  1. Bonnie says:

    Is that a golden euonymus behind the fushia heather? I have that same combination in my garden except my heather is more purple. I love it, and I love your mosaics. One more thing I’d like to do… time, I need more time!! I did make a birdbath out of concrete a few years ago and did a mosaic on the inside. I plan to post some pictures on my blog of my quirky garden items.

  2. Helen at Summerhouse says:

    Hi Bonnie, I do like that combination of colors too. How wonderful that you made a birdbath and did mosaic on the inside too. I do hope you post it and let me know. Oh, yes time, there is never enough time…

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