Just a few more products on our Society 6 store

We’re really enjoying Print on Demand these days.  Such fun way of getting our artwork out there at affordable prices and good quality too.  We really got excited this week because Society 6 has come up with “all over print T-shirts”.  So now you can have a design all over the T instead of just a little design on the front.  Plus, we thought, may as well try out some leggings too.

We’ve been busy adding more products on our Society 6 store.  I can never get over how a little sketch can take on a whole new personality once you put it on other items….

Spreadsheet Tango by Helen Bushell summerhouse art on Society 6

Take this little sketch I did on a scrap of spreadsheet paper.  Just having fun with pencil crayons and some felt pens.  Looks quite different on a pillow or a T-shirt

Spreadsheet Tango pillow on by Helen Bushell, Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

Spreadsheet Tango T-shirt by Helen Bushell, Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

And a couple of my paintings, one rather tropical and the other an abstract of our garden take on a whole new look on T’s.

Tropical Delight by Helen Bushell on T shirt in Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

Our garden by Helen Bushell Tshirt in Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6

Will took a border from a card I’d done years ago and gave it a whole new spin.  I do like it on leggings…

Royal Jester design  on leggings, summerhouse art on socieity 6

and here’s how it looks as a T shirt in lilac.  It really looks good as a shower curtain too.  Check it out and many other designs on our shop on Society 6.  We’ll be adding more designs to the new products as we can.

Jester by Will Bushell Tshirt in Summerhouse Art shop on Society 6



Mining the sketchbooks

Cheetah by Will Bushell on Society 6
Cheetah by Will Bushell on Society 6

The thing about most fine art is that for some reason, artists only show the latest work.  It’s as though artwork is like food and “goes off” ,has a “sell by date” or “best before date”.  Often when artists have a show in a gallery, only the latest work is shown and if it doesn’t sell, it goes back to the studio to lean against a wall.  The beauty of going online with work is that suddenly you look at all your work with fresh eyes.  And, hey, it didn’t “go off”, it’s still good and should be out there to be enjoyed by more than one person.  So what I’m leading up to is that this particular drawing in ink of a cheetah, is from an old sketchbook of Will’s, from way back in 1966!  And I love it!  And I like that it’s out there to be enjoyed as a print, or even a tote bag!  And why not?  You can find more on our shop on Society 6.


Uncle Dave, an old relative from Bristol

Uncle Dave Pillow on Society 6,
Uncle Dave Pillow on Society 6,

One of the new images that Will has recently uploaded to some of our Print on Demand shops is actually very old and has a bit of familial history.  We were given this lovely little photo many many years ago by Will’s Grandmother, Polly.  It’s an old photo of her younger brother David, a handsome young sailor in England.  It was printed as a postcard photo, very popular at the time.  We were always struck by the resemblance Will had to this long lost relative.  It’s one of those really precious things, that you hang on to so you can share it with the kids. She told us that he was a happy fellow, who loved music and was well loved by his sisters.  Polly was a lass originally from Bristol, England.  And although we’ve never personally been there, it’s kind of fun to know you have a bit of a connection.  You can find more of our images on Red Bubble and Society6.

Uncle Dave Print on Red Bubble
Uncle Dave Print on Red Bubble

We’re putting our work online!

Will and I have been looking at our artworks in a whole new way lately. As a couple we’ve produced quite a lot of work in the form of paintings, collages, mosaics, drawings and photographs. We’ve been looking online lately and wondering how these artworks would look on other objects. So we’ve started opening online shops on various Print on Demand sites and having some fun seeing how our works look on things like pillows, iPad skins, totes and mugs, etc.  There’s a huge selection.

Here is Helen’s painting of Abstract branches on a pillow

pink-branches Helen Bushell -Society6and also on an iPad skin…

pink-branches-ipad-Society 6And Will’s collage as a tote bag

&-tote-Society 6

and a mug.

&-mug-Society 6

And we think they’re kind of fun! The images shown here are on products in our Summerhouse Art Shop on Society 6. Society 6 has a great reputation as a good quality printer that really gives great customer service and promotes artists too. We hope you’ll have a look, since these and other images are ready to be printed as regular prints, printed canvas, tote bags to even larger items like shower curtains and duvet covers.

As we expand our images and shops, I’ll be updating on the blog so the latest new images are here too.