Helen Bushell

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art with a major in Painting, Helen has since spent many years immersed in the art of mosaic. Her pique assiette mosaics collage broken dishes and ornaments into a variety of themes and have even made their way to the garden as stepping stones. For a more comprehensive gallery with the story behind each piece read the blog posts here.

Her interests vary, often following a serendipitous course from flowers to abstraction. Helen enjoys teaching mosaics and creativity to her many students every year.

Helen is the writer of the two. Check out her blog for ideas about inspiration, getting creative, recycling, gardening, mosaics and anything else that catches her fancy.



4 thoughts on “Helen Bushell

  1. Murray Goode says:

    Hi Helen,

    Hope you and Will are well. Just dropping a line to let you know I’ll be exhibiting and demonstrating at the Moss St. Paint-in this Saturday. (I’ll be one block south of Fairfield Rd.) Wanted to thank-you again for your support and encouragement. I’m still having fun with mosaics!
    Maybe I” see you at the paint-in.

    Take care,


  2. Julie says:

    Hello Helen, Thank you for your mosaic instructions. Will your creations sustain Midwest harsh winters? They are beautiful? Julie

  3. Helen says:

    Hi Julie, thank you for your comments. The only mosaic instructions that might sustain harsh winters are those for creating Stepping stones on my blog at https://www.summerhouseart.com/blog/creating-a-mosaic-stepping-stone-helen%e2%80%99s-way. And even then, the real problem is the freeze-thaw cycle when water gets under the glaze and freezes which causes it to expand and pop off the glaze. So be very careful to look for tile and dishes that are NOT porous and won’t allow water in under the glaze. But, as with all things, you may still get some wear and tear, we call it aging naturally. Most of my mosaics are made for indoor display using mastics and glues for inside. The stepping stones use cement mortar, more suited to outdoor use.

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