William Bushell

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and with Post graduate education at the University of Alberta, Will is primarily a painter but involves other mediums on the surfaces of his panels and drawings. He has shown his work in Calgary and until recently at Fran Willis Gallery here in Victoria. Will has also spent many years working in Graphic design creating book covers for many authors and designing for corporations. While his work is mainly abstract, he often incorporates the human face and figure as well as landscape. Will often uses photographs in his work, in part or whole, applied to the surface with various mediums. View more of Will’s work on his site at marksonmarks.wordpress.com and imageonimage.wordpress.com for photography and poetry.  You can purchase works at the following sales sites:
Saatchi Art


“The Value of Now Now”  Acrylic and collage on panel  22″ x 43.5″


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