Art Furniture

This what happens when a couple of artists let themselves have some fun with old furniture.  We’ve had quite a bit of fun finding the furniture, in fact we’ve got quite a stockpile.  And bit by bit, piece by piece we’re applying some funky artwork and lots of color to each one.  And, yes they are for sale.  Just contact us, by emailLocal delivery in Victoria BC is free of course.

Mosaic Top Magazine Table

Found at a garage sale. We gave it a new lease on life and a whole new look.  Read about it on the blog here.




Little Green Side Table

A drab little cabinet becomes an art piece.  Will’s original abstract painting on the drawer fronts adds a unique look.  Read all about its story here.




Night Flyer

Furniture can be just another canvas to an artist with vision.  It is to Will Bushell.  Read this little table’s story here.





Speckled Side Table

We kept some of the original “speckled” finish on this little table, we just liked the texture.  And of course, added a blush of color too.




Roxy Magazine Table

A deco style magazine table gets a face lift with two tone colors and a flash of orange.  It didn’t start out looking quite like this.  Read more..




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